Balance vs Harmony

We often hear the term work life balance- which is nearly impossible to achieve. Balance is stability produced by even distribution on each side, like weighted scales. Harmony on the other hand is having a pleasing arrangement of parts, or my favorite definition, an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative. Trying to find complete balance is stressful, instead we should aim for harmony.

We must shift our imagery towards harmony, like a song- with each instrument working together at different times. Or think of it like a surfboard with the board being everything we have on our plates. Sometimes we must lean one way a little bit more than the other to ride the wave of life smoothly. It is a beautiful and even flow even though it is not always perfect. We must remember that each season of life holds different needs. These seasons require different focus and priorities, and we must shift as new seasons occur. Most people feel like they need to be doing it all and having it all at the same time and look good while doing it. This is a recipe for tremendous stress and emotional heaviness!

What is most important in your current season? What are those things that you must invest in to feel successful in this season and what do we need to drop?

Always remember- you have not come this far to only come this far. Embrace your season.

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